New year, new you! Come January 1, resolutions are the name of the game. And with so much riding on 2021, you’re more steadfast in your resolutions than ever, right? Unfortunately, even faith can’t increase the lifespan of a resolution. Your Peloton might be collecting dust. You might be eating french fries as you read this. But there’s no reason to subject your professional resolutions to the same fate. We’re here to help you resurrect those goals and see them through.

What better place to start than with the backbone of your organization? Communication is key to client compliance, pet health, and good business. But creating effective and useful content takes work, and the process can be overwhelming. That’s where Rumpus comes in.

Think of this as your personal Comms Contract, breaking down what you need to do to effectively communicate with clients, and how to do it. Grab 2021 by the twos and turn those resolutions into reality.

In 2021, I will…

1: Get organized

  • Plan in advance

Allocate time each week to plan your content. Not only will you feel prepared, it will be a saving grace on the days      you just don’t have time.

    • Review old content and strategize future content based on what did and didn’t work.
    • Draft content for important dates on the calendar, such as National Pet Dental Health Month, seasonal threats (e.g., heartworm, heat safety), and national holidays.
    • Create templates for repeated communications, including emails, reminders, and follow-ups—filling in a few blanks is much faster than typing an entire email. 
    • Set up a content calendar to keep yourself accountable
    • Schedule social media content for the entire week, so your posting schedule doesn’t fall by the wayside when you get busy.
  • Be consistent

This goes hand-in-hand with planning in advance. Once you create a calendar, stick to it. Not only will this help you stay organized, but clients—just like their pets—appreciate consistency. Your clients will look forward to your daily social media posts, weekly blogs, and monthly newsletters, and you will gain a solid following.

  • Use, reuse, and re-reuse everything

    • There is no shame in reposting content. Few clients will read everything you post, so reusing content will ensure important information reaches a wider audience.
    • One piece of content goes a long way. Turn a single blog post into a newsletter, multiple social media posts, or several spin-off blog posts.
    • Blog posts are extremely versatile—attach them to follow-up emails as supplemental information. Just prescribed a new medication for a pet? Send the client a blog post that includes tips on successfully administering medications. February is right around the corner—what better way to remind your clients about the importance of regular dental care than a blog post that outlines the steps of a professional COHAT?
    • Don’t just reuse your own content! Many great resources already exist, so don’t be shy about linking to YouTube videos or other reputable articles in your posts. Just be sure to cite your sources!

2: Be creative

  • Expand platforms

Utilizing multiple platforms gives you a wider reach.

    • Website 
    • Blog
    • Social media
    • Emails and newsletters
    • Print (e.g., client handouts, postcards, letters, etc.)
  • Create useful and relevant content

Ever heard the writing advice “show, don’t tell”? The same goes for marketing. Focus on educating and entertaining your audience with your content. A quick call-to-action at the end is all you need from a marketing standpoint.

  • Diversify content

Include a good mix of educational, fun, and behind-the-scenes content. Be sure to add a few “get to know the team” blog articles or social media posts so your clients feel connected to you and your team.

3: Utilize my tools

  • Switch up devices

Creating content doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your computer. 

    • Take notes on your phone. Hit with inspiration in the middle of an exam? Type a quick note as you head to your next appointment so you don’t lose the idea.
    • Use your smartphone to record voice notes during your daily walk (or Peloton ride, if you’re inclined to clean off the dust).
    • Use old-fashioned pen and paper to jot down creative ideas.
  • Trust the editing process

There isn’t a writer on the planet who could succeed without an editor. No matter how confident you are in your writing skills or grammar know-how, it’s so easy to miss something when you’re staring at a screen for hours at a time. Most importantly, you’re not writing for yourself—you’re communicating with your clients. A second set of eyes ensures you’re doing it well.

  • Use my team

Your workspace is filled with walking resources—use them! Whether it’s for ideas, pictures, information, or contribution, this doesn’t have to be a one-person job.

  • Use my clients

Your clients are incredibly useful for two reasons:

    • They’re great subjects to add a personal touch to your content. Have a great success story? Tell it, and include quotes from the client and photos of their pet (with client permission, of course).
    • They have questions that you can answer. This is all for your clients. Use them to figure out what content to create by asking on social media, through email, or in person. Those questions you get from clients over and over again make great blog post topics.
  • Outsource

Whether you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time, it’s OK to get help. Maybe you’re stuck organizing your content. Maybe you hit writer’s block. Or maybe you need help with it all. 

4: Trust myself

It doesn’t take a professional writer to create engaging content! Even if writing’s not your thing, you’re the expert. You’ve got the information your clients want to know, so give it to them.

Want to boost your communication game, but stuck staring at a blank content calendar? Let Rumpus help! We can strategize and create engaging client communication so you can do what you do best—focus on your patients.