While you may not think you need a flashy website, a well-designed, well-worded, up-to-date website can have a huge impact on potential veterinary job candidates. And, everything you publish on your site—blog posts, client testimonials, available positions—must be presented correctly, or you will leave job seekers with a poor impression. Learn how the right words can help you attract top talent for your team by sprucing up your communications.

#1: Job postings

You’ve likely seen job ads that simply outline a laundry list of tasks required to fill a position, with no personality behind the words. Then, there are job ads that stop you in your tracks and make you think, “I want to work THERE!” Instead of a boring list of job requirements, enticing ads highlight why you would want to work at the practice. For example, a team video that showcases the important details a prospective employee wants to know, including how a typical workday looks, the practice environment, workplace culture, and the type of medicine practiced, speaks much louder than words on a page. Videos also allows job candidates to scope out prospective hospitals and teams before they apply, essentially weeding out poor fits before they hand over an application. 

We know that making a video can be hard, especially when the camera pans to you, and you suddenly forget your lines. This is where a well-thought-out script with natural flow can help you create a stellar job ad video that attracts the right people to join your team. If a video is not your cup of tea, wordsmith a fun, humorous, or creative written ad that will catch potential employees’ attention.

#2: Website

If your website appears to be built before most of your prospective candidates were born, they’re likely going to pass up your hospital in favor of one that readily embraces current technology. Today’s job candidates understand that technology can make their jobs easier, and often look for positions where they can take full advantage of these tools. 

Showing off your updated website can also draw attention to all your practice’s cutting-edge equipment, treatments, and services. Using fresh language, you’re more likely to attract the right talent to your team, especially when you focus on what your facility provides to pets, clients, and the veterinary community. 

As you freshen up your website, don’t forget to update your “About Us” page. A robust team page shows potential candidates how much your practice cares about their team by sharing their stories. It will also help potential new hires learn more about your team members and see whether they will mesh well. After potential candidates have perused your site they found through a job board—and fallen in love with your practice, team, and culture—make applying easy, by creating a “Join Our Team” section on the page. List your available positions, with links to an online application that candidates can fill out and attach their resume. 

#3: Blogs

Regular blog posts about pet health, veterinary medicine innovations, and practice culture will not only help draw in new clients, but also help demonstrate your devotion to elevating patient and client care. Many veterinary professionals want to work in a practice dedicated to client education, as this key aspect of veterinary medicine ensures pets have better, healthier lives. 

Additionally, blog posts that highlight a team member help show off your incredible team, and explain why any veterinary professional would want to join. These blog posts may not seem to provide much value in terms of pet health information, but they can be truly invaluable in showing the importance you place on your team members and their lives, in and out of the hospital.

#4: Client testimonials

Before you invest in a high-priced new product, such as a TV or powerful pet-hair vacuum cleaner, you likely read a slew of reviews to determine the general opinion. The same holds true for client testimonials about your practice. While prospective clients can read client testimonials to check out your team’s bedside manner, professionalism, and skills, the testimonials can also provide potential job candidates with the lowdown on your practice operations. By highlighting positive reviews, you can show off your excellent medicine and patient care, and be more likely to attract top talent. But, negative reviews—and how you respond to them—also say a lot about your team. Calmly worded, professional responses to negative reviews show exactly your type of practice, and can tell prospective clients and job candidates a great deal about your team’s attitude. 

While communicating through the written word can be easier than speaking in person, crafting the perfect response, blog post, or website feature to highlight your practice and team takes effort and skill. Turn the task over to a team of writing professionals, to ensure you nail the best wording for your job ad posting, latest blog post, or online review response. We’d love to help you find the right words to attract top-quality talent to your team.