We know that veterinary teams are busier than ever, and that crafting marketing and educational content on social media or a blog was not a skill you learned in school. But, fear not! Our professional veterinary writing team has compiled a list of simple tips that will help you improve your writing skills to make a bigger digital impact and drive more business through the front door—without compromising time management. 

#1: Choose your writing topic and format wisely

Veterinary practice marketing content should portray your team members as experts, and you should cover topics that your clients will find relatable and useful—solving common client problems, answering repeatedly asked questions, busting myths, and highlighting your team, practice news, and unique services. Presenting what you know will make the writing job easier, helping your content flow naturally. Some helpful formats include:

  • “Get to know” posts
  • Hospital announcements
  • FAQs
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Myths vs. facts

#2: Practice makes perfect

Regularly publishing content serves several purposes—you get better at writing, your readers stay engaged, and you improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Routinely creating content doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Follow these strategies:

  • Create a monthly topic calendar based around holidays, seasonal threats, or awareness campaigns.
  • Create multiple posts on a single topic, and if a subject is complex, separate it into subtopics to avoid cramming too much information into one post.
  • Set aside writing time and add it to your calendar. Plan to write in a distraction-free location. Help yourself get into a writing mindset by listening to a specific music playlist, enjoying your favorite coffee drink, or sitting in your favorite comfy chair. 

#3: Create an outline

Ok, so you aren’t writing an essay for English class. However, you can still follow the same strategies you learned in school to organize your thoughts and streamline the writing process. Decide on your topic, start with the introduction and conclusion, and create specific subheads for your main points, including bulleted ideas in each section. After doing this, go back and flesh out each subhead until you’ve got a full, cohesive piece.

#4: Use lists, bullets, and subtopics to improve readability

Most readers spend only a few seconds—yes, seconds!—skimming through content they find online. Presenting the content in skimmable sections that have eye-catching subheads grabs and keeps readers’ attention. Bullets, numbered lists, Q & A’s, and subtopics are the best ways to engage readers. Using these formats can also help you organize your thoughts and make the writing process go more smoothly.

#5: Use a free editing tool to proofread your work

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be your best friend—or your worst enemy. Although you should not rely on AI to create marketing content for your veterinary practice, you can leverage this tool for help with editing and proofreading your work. Most free AI writing programs are great for catching typos and basic grammatical errors. The versions that charge a fee can detect more complex problems such as tone, and sentence and document structure. When you don’t have an editor looking over your work, AI tools, such as Grammarly, are the next best thing. However, remember that AI can also make mistakes, and you can choose to ignore their suggestions if they aren’t relevant to your content or writing style.

#6: Always include a call to action

Your marketing copy should not only engage and educate your clients, but also encourage them to take a specific action that benefits their pet’s wellness and your hospital’s business. Always include two or three brief statements that urge a reader to visit a blog post, check out your website, call the office to schedule an appointment, or seek out specific resources for more information. Plus, the call to action can also serve as your post’s conclusion, helping you wrap up in a neat and tidy way.

By following our tips, you can learn to write impactful and engaging marketing content that will improve your digital presence, but consistency is key to attracting and keeping readers. Our Rumpus Writing and Editing professional team is here to support you with all your copywriting needs—whether they include a few supplemental monthly blog posts, an email newsletter, a video script, or a complete social media overhaul. Contact us to begin building your professional brand, or to learn more about our award-winning veterinary writing services and meet our helpful, friendly team.