What she wanted to be when she grew up
“I grew up on a farm in central Mississippi. We had an array of animals, and I always knew that taking care of them was my job. I never considered any other profession than veterinary medicine.”

How she ended up here
Jenny completed undergraduate and veterinary school at Mississippi State University, and then went on to an equine medicine and surgery internship at Louisiana State University. She next landed in Northern Virginia, where she practiced as an equine ambulatory veterinarian for 16 years. After deciding to leave practice in search of more creative pursuits, Jenny joined Rumpus as a full-time writer in April 2021.

Why she loves veterinary medicine
“There are so many interesting aspects to veterinary medicine! It merges science with ministering to all kinds of special creatures. The many differences between various unique species are truly fascinating, and I find the ability to help these animals live a healthy and happy life fulfilling.”

Why she loves writing
“Words are extremely versatile. They can evoke everything from laughter to tears. They can convey information, love, hate, and compassion. To be able to craft words in the right way to deliver the intended message is very powerful.”

Who her fuzzy family members are

  • Casey (the 16 year old princess cat who owns the house, but allows her humans to continue to stay in residence as long as they adhere to her many demands)

What might surprise you about her
She has a little obsession with Italy and has been trying to learn Italian—albeit not very successfully—during the past year.