What she wanted to be when she grew up
“One of my first childhood memories was riding in the car to take my older German Shepherd, King, to be euthanized. That day, I dedicated my life to becoming a veterinarian so no other animals would be put to sleep. Although this was not realistic, it led to my caring for any critter that came my way, from backyard lizards to family pets.”

How she ended up here
Juli began volunteering at veterinary hospitals and animal shelters as a nine-year-old to learn, observe, and participate in all aspects of veterinary medicine and animal care. Her added passion for wildlife, especially marine animals, led her to obtain a bachelors of science degree in zoology from Auburn University. Juli is a distinguished graduate from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, with over a decade of medical experience, and a concentration in marine wildlife. Her work with whales, dolphins, sharks and fish has taken her across North America, and around the world. She has written and published many papers in various scientific journals. Combining her passions for writing and medicine, she joined the Rumpus team as a freelance writer in 2020. 

Why she loves veterinary medicine
“I love the diverse experiences a veterinary degree can provide. Obtaining my DVM has allowed me to travel the world working on dolphins and whales, but also people’s pet dogs and cats.”

Why she loves writing
“Since I was young, writing has always been one of my passions. In addition to becoming a veterinarian, one of my childhood dreams was to be a professional writer, and write books about animals.”

Who her furry family members are

  • Aubie (the tabby cat who was rescued by Juli after being thrown from a car, and is named after the Auburn University mascot) 
  • Myles (the cat Julie rescued from a hollow tree during a run, then ran four miles in the pouring rain to give him a new home)

What might surprise you about her
“I am an avid runner, with a specialty in ultramarathons. Besides many marathons, I have run 50- and 100-mile races, including a 150-kilometer survival race through the Amazon jungle. I have also won multiple beauty pageants, and hold the lifetime title of Ms. USA Petite.”