What she wanted to be when she grew up
“For a while, I wanted to be a marine biologist, thanks to the movie “Free Willy.” Since I lived in Colorado, my mom brought the ocean to me by “adopting” a humpback whale, Patches, through the World Wildlife Fund. I felt pretty cool telling my friends I had a pet whale. I could never have given up my precious mountains for marine biology, but whales remain one of my favorite animals, and I still smile when I hear Michael Jackson’s song, “Will You Be There?” and picture that epic moment when Willy jumps to freedom.”

How she ended up here
After earning her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Colorado, Kate worked as a content writer at a K-8 school, which sparked her interest in teaching. She earned her master’s degree in education from the University of Colorado and taught elementary school for seven years. While teaching, Kate continued to write on a freelance basis and volunteered at a local animal rescue, using her writing skills to help adoptable pets find their forever homes. In 2021, Kate left teaching to pursue writing, and joined Rumpus as an intern. She fit in right away, and quickly became a more permanent part of the writing team.

Why she loves veterinary medicine
“As an animal-lover, it’s easy to be there for pets during the fun times, but it takes a special person to step up and take charge when it’s messy and challenging. Veterinary professionals dedicate an enormous part of themselves to the demanding, sometimes heartbreaking—yet undeniably rewarding—work of caring for animals and their people. I’m constantly inspired by those around me, and I feel fortunate to play a small role in supporting this shared mission.”

Why she loves writing
“Writing allows me to craft, analyze and finesse my words until they convey a sentiment or idea in just the right way. I can make a positive impact on the world using a medium that feels natural and fulfilling.”

Who her furry family members are

  • Harper (the neurotic border collie mix with a talent for “booping” objects with her nose so they wobble precariously without tipping over—usually)
  • Gemma (the inevitable “foster fail” whose beauty and sass captured Kate’s heart, and allow her to rule the roost ever since)

What might surprise you about her
“I won my first writing award at 7 years old for a story about a lonely, elderly widow navigating the challenging yet rewarding relationship with her frightened rescue dog. To say I was an “old soul” is an understatement. Today, I write for the animal health industry and volunteer at a rescue helping shelter animals—like the dog in my story—find their forever home.”