What she wanted to be when she grew up
“I’ve always wanted to work with animals in some form, whether it was as a rancher, farmer, veterinarian, or animal shelter caretaker.”

How she ended up here
While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Purdue University with the goal of eventually working in a publishing house, Melissa got a job working as an assistant at an emergency veterinary hospital on campus and never looked back. She earned her bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from Purdue and became a registered veterinary technologist. She works for a rural, one-doctor practice in Indiana, where she writes all client education materials. Melissa was the first freelance writer to join Rumpus Writing and Editing in 2018.

Why she loves veterinary medicine
“I love the science behind the medicine and figuring out how to help animals live healthy, happy lives. There’s so much we can do for pain, nutrition, and mental enrichment.”

Why she loves writing
“Client education is one of my favorite aspects of my job. Many pet owners are confused about conflicting information on Google or Facebook, and I enjoy educating them to help keep their pets healthy.”

Who her furry family members are

  • Sierra (an exceptionally intense border collie-heeler mix who won Melissa’s heart with her speckles in a Walmart parking lot)
  • Sampson (a goofy mutt who exists solely for the undivided attention of humans)

What might surprise you about her
“I have crooked pinkies.”