What she wanted to be when she grew up
Every few months I wanted to be something different—nurse, teacher, fashion model, ad agency exec! I became enamored of editing while working as an administrative assistant for a journal editor.

How she ended up here
Her first job out of college was in Washington, DC, working for the professional journal for physical therapists. Through many decades, Michelle has copy edited a variety of topics—traffic engineering, hospital administration, economics, and most recently veterinary medicine. She joined the team at Rumpus Writing and Editing in 2022.

Why she loves veterinary medicine
I have always loved animals. Their welfare—physical and cerebral—has always been close to my heart. If I won the lottery, I would open a sanctuary to care for abandoned pets. To work as a veterinary medicine editor is a gratifying way to contribute meaningful information to people on how to respect and care for their animal friends.

Why she loves editing
I enjoy teaming up with authors to help them make their writing clearer and crisper.

Who her furry family members are

  • Pumpkin (the 11-year-old ginger cat in the picture who was adopted as a kitten by my elderly parents, and then came to live with my family and me seven years ago)
  • Salsa (the 17-year-old ginger cat who was adopted when my children were young and is now a grumpy, old guy who sleeps, eats, and bullies Pumpkin)

What might surprise you about her
My idea of a good time is a rousing game of Scrabble.