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5 Tips for Instituting a Telehealth Program in Your Veterinary Practice

Telehealth is the provision of healthcare or health-related services via electronic communication methods, such as the telephone, two-way messaging, email, asynchronous video, or video conferencing. According to this definition, any time you answer questions about a pet’s condition over the phone or via chat, you are providing telehealth services. So, whether you have an official [...]

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Get to Know Emily

Emily Yocom is Rumpus’s administrative assistant extraordinaire, tackling many behind-the-scenes tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly. Since Emily says she is “definitely not a writer—Sarah got the writing talent in the family,” I (virtually) sat down with her for a quick Q&A session so you can get to know this rockstar member of our team. [...]

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Rumpus at VMX 2023: Reconnecting, Learning, and Winning Vetty Awards

The Rumpus core team, along with approximately 28,000 other veterinary professionals, descended on the Orange County Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida, for VMX 2023 from January 13 to 17. 2023 marks the conference’s 40th anniversary, and throwback 1980s-era pricing led to record attendance numbers. The crowds, lines, and packed lectures—although slightly frustrating at times—made [...]

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Does Your Veterinary Business Need Professional Writing Help?

Running a business, seeing clients and patients, and managing your team leaves you little time to tackle writing tasks. However, your business may be getting by on word-of-mouth referrals, but content-based marketing is essential. A thoughtful, comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and emails will help maintain your current clientele and [...]

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5 Ways to Help Your Clients Stay on Top of Their Pets’ Care This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you know it, and structured schedules will go out the window, along with homework and sports calendars. Some on-the-ball clients take advantage of extra time during the summer to schedule their pet’s annual wellness visit. But, between fun outings, vacations, and summer guests, others may unintentionally let their pet’s [...]

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Rumpus Resolutions

As we kick off 2022, the Rumpus team has high hopes that this year will be better than last. Professionally, we are fortunate to have fared better than most during the pandemic. Since we already work from home—or at the beach, on the road, or anywhere with a WiFi signal—our professional lives have not changed [...]

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