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At a Loss for Words? How to Prepare Your 2022 Content Calendar

When brainstorming ideas for your content calendar, do your creative juices often run dry? The most challenging part of regular blog post creation—in addition to the writing portion—is deciding what the heck to write about.  When thinking of topics, write with your reader in mind. Your readers come to your website with specific interests and [...]

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7 Effective Blog Posts Your Clients Will Want to Read

As veterinary professionals, we could fill entire books with the intricacies and nuances of veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, the same content that likely makes your eyes light up will make your blog-reading clients close theirs. Or worse. When a client opens your lengthy blog post, they find out you’re not offering fast answers, so they turn [...]

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Yes! You Can Write Your Own Blogs and Social Media Posts. Here’s how.

You know your practice should have a better online presence, but it all seems so overwhelming. While scrolling through your colleagues’ libraries of blogs and weekly—or daily!—Facebook posts, you can’t wrap your brain around building so much material from scratch. Relax. The colleagues you admire, and maybe envy, were in this same place at one [...]

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Client Spotlight: Meet Robert Sanchez, CEO of Digital Empathy

Rumpus Writing and Editing has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2017, and one of our first clients was Digital Empathy (DE), the veterinary industry’s leading custom web design and marketing company. Earlier this year, Digital Empathy was named the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) Preferred Business Provider for a marketing agency [...]

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How to write for social media

These days, a social media presence is everything. It’s particularly valuable in the veterinary space because it helps nurture veterinary-client relationships. But, creating social media content can be time-consuming, particularly when it feels like a foreign concept. To help you navigate the world of social posting, we discuss the purpose of social media and how [...]

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How to write about scientific information for pet owners

Writing for your clients is not easy. It is different from professional writing intended for your colleagues, and you cannot approach it the same way you would the papers you wrote in veterinary school. It begs for a delicate balance between establishing yourself as the expert and providing useful information that is digestible by non-experts.  [...]

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Long-Form Versus Short-Form Content: What’s More Important for Your Veterinary Business?

Writing is hard. Creating content can be confusing, and may leave you with more questions than answers. Should I be writing anything at all? (Yes) What should I write about? (The issues your clients care about) Where should my content go? (Wherever your clients are—your practice, their inbox, your website, social media) How long should [...]

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How to Communicate With Your Clients About Pet Dental Health

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, we’re here to help you talk to your clients about pet dental care—the right way. Use these questions (and answers) as a guide. General communication considerations Who are you communicating with? Your target audience is pet owners. Keep in mind who they are (not veterinary experts), why [...]

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