How to Communicate With Your Clients About Pet Dental Health

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, we’re here to help you talk to your clients about pet dental care—the right way. Use these questions (and answers) as a guide. General communication considerations Who are you communicating with? Your target audience is pet owners. Keep in mind who they are (not veterinary experts), why [...]

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Tongue-Tied? 3 Ways to Educate Clients Outside the Veterinary Exam Room

Do you have your new puppy spiel down to a fine-tuned speech you can deliver in under a minute? You’ve no doubt given the same lecture hundreds of times during your years of practicing veterinary medicine, but this is your client’s first puppy, and they may be overwhelmed. That 30-minute wellness visit can turn into [...]

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The Rumpus 10: Client Communication Tips During the COVID-era Holiday Season

This time of year in the veterinary industry is nothing short of stressful, even at the best of times. Add in COVID and curbside care, and many veterinary professionals are struggling. 'Tis the season! One lesson COVID has made abundantly clear: Communication is one of the greatest tools at your disposal. Staying connected to your [...]

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Welcome to Rumpus Ramblings!

A Rumpus refresh  We are the premier veterinary copywriting agency, because our team is the whole package: award-winning writers and editors, seasoned veterinary professionals (a combined 140+ years in industry 😯 ), and animal-obsessed humans.  Whether it’s lack of time, lack of will, or lack of skill, we’re here to ensure communicating with anyone and [...]

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