5 Veterinary Practice Goals for 2024

Veterinary medicine is constantly evolving, and we’ve seen particularly impactful changes over the last few years. We now prioritize our practice team members and their mental health, have learned to set boundaries with clients and our time, and have adapted to new technologies to assist us with efficiency. As we head into 2024, many of [...]

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5 Veterinary Holiday Content Ideas

Veterinary practices may feel crunched for time during the holiday season, as clients bombard them with last-minute requests and year-end business tasks loom. Add the many personal seasonal stressors, and many team members feel overwhelmed. Creating holiday-themed client content may be low on the priority list, but communicating with clients may actually help reduce workload [...]

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Authenticity Over AI: Practice Content That Counts

Your clients are human, so shouldn’t the content they receive from your practice be composed by human minds and prepared by human hands? Unfortunately, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools is tempting some time-crunched professionals to lean heavily on AI-generated writing for blog posts, articles, educational resources, and marketing materials. Although the Rumpus Writing [...]

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How to Take Back-End Writing From Worst to First

“I can’t wait to write some SOPs today!” said no practice manager, ever. Back-end writing (i.e., the non-glamorous stuff that makes you fall asleep at your desk or suddenly inspires you to organize your overflowing junk drawer) is a dreaded and time-consuming task most practice managers love to loathe. Unfortunately, a professional, productive, efficient, and [...]

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Looking to Hire a Veterinarian? Invest in Your Technicians and Support Staff Instead

Survey after survey and study after study have concluded that credentialed veterinary technicians aren’t appropriately utilized, given their training and education. Yes, your technicians are likely extremely busy and engaged at work, but that isn’t the same as using them where they are actually needed. Technicians who are treated as do-it-all staff members and pulled [...]

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National Veterinary Technician Week: Here’s What Your Vet Techs Really Want

Veterinary technicians are, without a doubt, the heart of any veterinary practice. They keep the veterinarians on schedule, provide mentorship and leadership to assistants and kennel staff, cater to pet health needs, and hold client hands through good and bad news. They come in early, stay late, and work through breaks. Vet techs deserve every [...]

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5 Tips for Talking To Clients About Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is an effective way to ensure your patients have the best access to care and clients have the greatest peace of mind. However, talking with clients about pet insurance can feel like an enormous undertaking for which you and your busy team simply don’t have time—until a patient needs expensive or emergent care.  [...]

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5 Tips for Instituting a Telehealth Program in Your Veterinary Practice

Telehealth is the provision of healthcare or health-related services via electronic communication methods, such as the telephone, two-way messaging, email, asynchronous video, or video conferencing. According to this definition, any time you answer questions about a pet’s condition over the phone or via chat, you are providing telehealth services. So, whether you have an official [...]

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The Mighty Pen: How Good Writing Can Help You Hire and Retain Employees

The pen is mightier than the sword, and at Rumpus Writing and Editing, we know that the strength of the pen can help you tap into a wellspring of veterinary job seekers during the current talent drought. But, like any powerful source, the written word must be wielded with care—and strategy—to ensure you access its [...]

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