5 Ways to Help Your Clients Stay on Top of Their Pets’ Care This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you know it, and structured schedules will go out the window, along with homework and sports calendars. Some on-the-ball clients take advantage of extra time during the summer to schedule their pet’s annual wellness visit. But, between fun outings, vacations, and summer guests, others may unintentionally let their pet’s [...]

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4 Areas to Improve Your Communication to Attract the Right Veterinary Talent

While you may not think you need a flashy website, a well-designed, well-worded, up-to-date website can have a huge impact on potential veterinary job candidates. And, everything you publish on your site—blog posts, client testimonials, available positions—must be presented correctly, or you will leave job seekers with a poor impression. Learn how the right words [...]

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5 Ways Better Client Communication Can Improve Practice Efficiency

People mistakenly believe the veterinary field is all puppy kisses and kitten cuddles, but once they join the industry, they discover the majority of their work directly relates to people. As such, a lot of talking takes place every day between veterinary professionals and clients, which can be a drag on practice efficiency. Plus, repeating [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

As a busy veterinary practice owner or manager, you have more on your mind than boosting website traffic. However, a solid website that draws in clients, and encourages them to take action, does part of your job for you. You want to convince potential clients to visit your website and click on “Book Now.” But, [...]

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Client Spotlight: Meet Stacee Santi, DVM, Vet2Pet Founder and CEO

Rumpus is fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and creative minds in veterinary medicine, and Stacee Santi is the perfect example. Stacee started her company, Vet2Pet, with an idea and a basic app. Years later, veterinary hospitals across the country use Vet2Pet’s practice-branded communication platform to communicate with clients about everything from [...]

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Rumpus Resolutions

As we kick off 2022, the Rumpus team has high hopes that this year will be better than last. Professionally, we are fortunate to have fared better than most during the pandemic. Since we already work from home—or at the beach, on the road, or anywhere with a WiFi signal—our professional lives have not changed [...]

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Blah Blog?—7 Best Practices for an Effective Veterinary Practice Blog

Blogging for your practice can economically and effectively educate pet owners, increase website traffic, and gain new clients—but it’s not as simple as churning out some exam room education every few weeks. Many practices set out blogging with good intentions, but fall short after a few months because of lack of interest, visible impact, and [...]

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