Back-to-School Tips To Share With Veterinary Clients

How is it already September? Although we can’t speak for everyone, the Rumpus Writing and Editing team is certain that summer somehow gets shorter every year. Back-to-school season signals an abrupt and dramatic schedule change for pets—one day their home is full of activity and human companionship, and the next, they’re alone for eight hours—or [...]

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Boost Your Social Intelligence—7 Social Media Posting Mistakes to Avoid

Your practice’s social media presence can make or break your brand’s online—and some would argue your entire—reputation. Despite the power of these platforms, writing and publishing social content often gets little attention—or worse, is forgotten altogether, or delegated to younger non-marketing team members who are “better at technology.” Without conscious effort and attention to detail, [...]

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5 Up-and-Coming Communication Trends in Veterinary Medicine

When you dreamed of being a veterinarian, you never imagined you’d spend so much time talking to people. Instead of snuggling puppies and kittens all day, you actually spend the majority of your work hours—and after-work hours—educating and counseling pet owners. To help you step up your game and cater to what your clients really [...]

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Too Busy to Plan Summer Pet Owner Education? We’ve Got Your Back

Summer presents seemingly endless opportunities for pet owner education. Spring and summer are known as the “veterinary busy season,” for good reason. Not only do owners have more flexible schedules, pets have more opportunities to get into mischief, and often find themselves needing veterinary care. Educating pet owners about common summer hazards, health risks, and [...]

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5 Ways to Help Your Clients Stay on Top of Their Pets’ Care This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you know it, and structured schedules will go out the window, along with homework and sports calendars. Some on-the-ball clients take advantage of extra time during the summer to schedule their pet’s annual wellness visit. But, between fun outings, vacations, and summer guests, others may unintentionally let their pet’s [...]

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