Rumpus is fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and creative minds in veterinary medicine, and Stacee Santi is the perfect example. Stacee started her company, Vet2Pet, with an idea and a basic app. Years later, veterinary hospitals across the country use Vet2Pet’s practice-branded communication platform to communicate with clients about everything from heartworm prevention reminders, to post-surgical concerns, to prescription refills. Vet2Pet simplifies many of the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks that take up the veterinary team’s time, so they can do more with less, and focus more on their patients.

We were fortunate to grab some time with Stacee, this busy boss lady, to talk about entrepreneurship, the current state of veterinary medicine, and her future plans. 

Question: What is your background, and how did that lead to creating Vet2Pet?

Answer: I am a small animal veterinarian and a technology nerd. I have always been fascinated with the concept of using technology to help veterinarians be faster, smarter, and more efficient. One day in practice, it dawned on me that it would be really helpful to be able to send clients monthly notifications, so they wouldn’t forget to give their pets heartworm prevention. That was the beginning of what is now Vet2Pet. I had no idea I was going to be starting a company. 

Q: How did Vet2Pet start, and how big is your team now?

A: I found an engineer on the internet in California—what do I know? I’m just a vet!—who built an app for my practice. He had a generic app for small businesses that he reskinned for my practice. I was so excited to see my clinic’s name in the App Store and Play Store. At that time, there were less than five veterinary practices with apps. I slowly started adding more features and capabilities to the platform, telling my colleagues, and building apps for them. The engineer charged me $25 a month, and I charged my friends $75 a month. It was a side hustle for three years, until I decided to go all in—as Shark Tank recommended! We now have about 30 team members dedicated to Vet2Pet. 

Q: Why did you choose to create a customizable client connection platform?

A: I was really looking to share information and education with my clients in an easier way that didn’t involve being an email designer. Plus, even then, people didn’t read their emails. I also didn’t want my practice app to have some third party name, and the pet portal wasn’t working at all. Only about five people used the portal, because no one could remember their password. 

Q: What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing today’s veterinary teams, and how can those needs be addressed in the short- and long-term?

A: Veterinary teams are swamped, and no cavalry is coming. Veterinary practices need to start paying their staff better, and bring retired veterinarians and technicians back, or figure out how to do more with less. The animals aren’t going away. The vet schools aren’t kicking out double the amount of veterinarians. The current vets are exhausted. It’s time to figure out how to automate the day-to-day stuff, and allow your team to work to the top of their skillset. 

Q: How did you first meet the Rumpus Writing and Editing team?

A: I met Sarah at a VetPartners meeting. I think we were seated together at a table, and she had this positive energy about her that made you want to hang out with her. Plus, she had a schnauzer named Jack, and I had one named Vinny (Vincent Vega). We started visiting. She said she was a writer. Years later, I needed help with writing, so I reached out to her. It’s been a dream working with the Rumpus team ever since.

Q: Where do you see Vet2Pet going in the future?

Sarah and the Vet2Pet team.

A: We sold the company a few weeks ago to Vetsource, so that is exciting. I am going to focus now on helping veterinarians keep their pharmacy, and kick Chewy to the curb!

Successful client relationships are built on great communication. Check out Vet2Pet for an easier way to keep in touch with your clients. And, if you need help with writing—from blog posts, to website content, to printed materials—Rumpus Writing and Editing can help—as we help Vet2Pet!