What she wanted to be when she grew up
“I was obsessed with animals and wanted to be a veterinarian, marine biologist, or animal trainer.”

How she ended up here
Elizabeth made it halfway through a kinesiology degree before deciding that animals and the environment were her true passion. She switched gears, earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2008, and decided to test the waters in veterinary medicine. After only a few months working as a veterinary assistant, she applied to veterinary technician school and graduated from Purdue University’s program as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2010. Elizabeth always enjoyed reading and journaling, and writing came easily to her. Looking for a way to beat burnout and take her veterinary career in a new direction, she jumped at the opportunity to join Rumpus in 2021.

Why she loves veterinary medicine
“I love helping to put together the puzzle pieces and diagnose an animal’s problem, and I am a self-professed science nerd—I truly enjoy learning how bodies work, why things go wrong, and how we can innovate to fix them.”

Why she loves writing
“I’m a very fact and science-oriented person, but writing taps into my creative side and lets me use my brain differently—I’ve always been able to craft a thought on paper in a way I could never convey otherwise. Reading is how I learn and absorb, and writing is the other side of that.” 

Who her furry family members are17

  • Piglet (the pitbull who wants more than anything to be friends with all living things, and makes her demands for snuggle time impossible to ignore)

What might surprise you about her
“I have an unhealthy desire for Taco Bell all the time. It’s a problem.”