After four years in veterinary school, a year-long internship, and 16 years in practice, I learned a multitude about veterinary medicine. However, after becoming a veterinary content writer, I have realized that I have yet to study many more veterinary topics. This is an exciting prospect for me, since I love researching new subject matter, as well as finding the perfect format to present the information in an understandable manner to my target audience. When writing for veterinarians, ensuring the information is accurate and as up to date as possible is paramount to providing reliable content. As a veterinarian, I understand the importance of being able to trust the material you are reading, and I take great pains to ensure I garner information for the articles I am writing only from reputable sources. In addition to researching the article’s content, I find learning as much as possible about the client I am writing for also helps ensure I am providing their desired content. Veterinary content writing not only entails research, but also requires creativity to present complicated information. Depending on the subject matter, a little levity can also make the topics more entertaining. 

A veterinarian’s most important job is to be an advocate for the animals they treat. This endeavor is a fundamental quality for a veterinary content writer, as well. By providing well-researched, accurate information for practicing veterinarians and pet owners, veterinary content writers help ensure pets receive the best possible care. Also, writing content for busy practicing veterinarians allows them more time to treat their patients. They can concentrate on practicing veterinary medicine, as opposed to worrying about researching the information for their practice’s next blog post.

After practicing veterinary medicine for more than 16 years, I have found the transition to veterinary content writer a welcome change. I use my knowledge and love of veterinary medicine and animals of all kinds to write interesting articles, and I have the flexibility to work when and where I want. I find the early morning hours a great time to get work done without distractions, so I tend to start my day between 5 and 6 a.m. Honestly, the words do not always flow easily, and I value the quiet time to think how best to approach my assigned topic. Not being tied to one location also allows me to travel as much as I want. I can do my job as easily on a cruise ship as I can from my home office—a definite job perk, and one that I most assuredly did not enjoy while practicing veterinary medicine.

My assignments can range from “Why Does My Dog Do That?” to “Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis.” The variety of topics that require different presenting strategies ensures that I never get bored. At times, I do have to write about the same topic for more than one client, but the challenge of finding new and interesting ways to present the information keeps me mentally stimulated.

This job allows me to continue to broaden my knowledge base about numerous, diverse veterinary topics, and I have the benefit of several wonderful writers on staff at Rumpus Writing and Editing if I get stuck on an assignment. While I enjoyed my years as a practicing veterinarian, transitioning to a veterinary content writer has been enjoyable and fulfilling, and I cannot wait to find out what my next assignment will entail.