Running a business, seeing clients and patients, and managing your team leaves you little time to tackle writing tasks. However, your business may be getting by on word-of-mouth referrals, but content-based marketing is essential. A thoughtful, comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and emails will help maintain your current clientele and attract new business. 

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of writing so much marketing content, you are not alone! Whether your business is a veterinary practice, a veterinary software company, or a tech company, calling on a team of veterinary writers who know the industry inside and out can free up your time to focus on your passion. If you are unsure whether a professional writing team can help you, or if their services are worth the money, see if these scenarios sound familiar.

#1: It’s been weeks—or months—since your last social media post

If your last Instagram post was a “Happy July Fourth” graphic with a dog wearing a cute red, white, and blue bandana, your social media marketing is obviously a little behind. Even if your last post was only a few weeks ago, perhaps you could use some help. Most marketing experts recommend that businesses post to Facebook and Instagram once a day—a difficult cadence to maintain if you are trying to handle it alone. You could hand the social marketing reins to someone on your team—perhaps a tech-forward team member who loves to take photos and write witty copy, but your team is also likely maxed out. 

You probably need to call for help from professional veterinary writers. They can map out and write a month’s worth of social media posts that you can simply push out on your channels, or even pre-schedule to post.

#2: Your amazing professional team members are less-than-amazing writers

Whatever your business in the veterinary industry, your professional training prepared you for many tasks—writing probably not one of them. Writing is difficult, and staying on top of current trends and styles is challenging. And, the blog post your well-meaning team member wrote that is full of grammatical errors and poorly organized likely will do more harm than good.

Just as your training as a veterinarian, accountant, consultant, or lawyer provided the unique skills you need to do your job well, a professional writer has the training and experience needed to write well-thought-out content that will accomplish specific goals. If writing does not fall under your team’s skill set, consider delegating it to a professional. 

#3: You spend more time thinking about what to write about than actually writing

When most people think about writing they imagine a cozy setup by a fireplace, with a writer contentedly typing away. The reality more often looks like typing, deleting, and then retyping, and deleting again—or, staring at a blank computer screen for hours. Consider what your time is worth, or your hourly charges. If writing a blog post takes you five hours, your time is likely better spent seeing clients, with money left over to hire out your writing tasks.

#4: You resort to copying material from other sources so you can post something

After putting off writing social media posts, blogs, or website content, do you finally repost something from a reputable source and call it a day? While you may think that posting something is better than nothing, and you reference the material appropriately to avoid copyright infringement, reposting material can actually do more harm than good. Google monitors website content, and reposted material automatically raises a red flag. That means those reposted PetMD articles can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO) and your site is less likely to show up in search results. On the other hand, Google preferentially selects websites that regularly post unique content, so original posts are essential. If the idea of composing a thousand words starting with a blank computer screen raises your heart rate, you should consider calling on a professional writing team.

If you can relate to the above scenarios, reach out to Rumpus Writing and Editing. Our team of veterinary professionals, who also happen to be excellent writers, would be happy to tackle your blogs, social media posts, guides, white papers, email campaigns, and other writing tasks.