As we kick off 2022, the Rumpus team has high hopes that this year will be better than last. Professionally, we are fortunate to have fared better than most during the pandemic. Since we already work from home—or at the beach, on the road, or anywhere with a WiFi signal—our professional lives have not changed much. But, 2021 definitely did not make our top ten (or even top thirty) list.  

With a promising new year on the horizon, our team took a moment to think about personal and professional goals they would like to work toward during 2022. 

Sarah Rumple, Owner and Chief Creative Officer

With the arrival of 2022, Operation Stop Consuming a Bottle of Wine Every Night has officially begun. I’m hoping that drinking less will bring me some mental clarity, and help me to lose at least 10 pounds. This year, I also aim to take one Peloton class every day, and I want to travel somewhere I’ve never been. Professionally, I hope to attract new veterinary industry clients and grow Rumpus Writing by 10%.

I guess I should also be more patient with my kids, but that’s an ambitious goal. 

Angela Beal, Chief Operations Officer

I joined a gym the day after New Year’s, since I was having trouble wearing my jeans and breathing at the same time. I hope to lose the extra 10 pounds, and get back to feeling lean and mean! 

With my oldest son’s senior year around the corner, I feel increased pressure to make the most of the time I have with my boys before they head off to college. So, I plan to schedule lots of fun outings and trips to pile on more great memories. I’m hoping all the fun will make them miss home after they leave, so they actually want to come back and visit us. 

On the professional side, I hope to provide the support and organization Rumpus needs to continue to grow. 

I can’t forget my Chihuahua, Yogi! After his dental cleaning in October, I actually started brushing his teeth every day. I resolve to keep up this habit, to help him live his best life. By the way, Yogi only tolerates getting his teeth brushed because he gets a Greenie after, which he always takes to the same spot on the rug, and happily devours.

Paulette Senior, Editor

I gave up making New Year resolutions a long time ago, mostly because I seldom followed through–a problem of mine with personal stuff. But COVID has changed everything, and I was reminded, like many of us I’m sure, of the importance of family and friends. Since my husband and I have lived in many places since we left Australia decades ago, most family members and many closest friends are all over the place, so my 2022 resolution is to see as many of them as possible as often as possible. Depending on Omicron, I should not have trouble following through! I wish everyone a happy, healthy, filled-with-family-and-friends 2022!

Karen Rowley, Editor

I want to finally get my home office set up, so I can stop using my couch and kitchen table when I work at home. On the personal front, I want to focus on being more active physically because I know I feel better when I do that. I plan to do low-impact cardio and hand weights at home at least 3 days a week. I’d like to say 5 days a week, but let’s be real … I also want to get back to walking outside, probably on the weekends. That has worked well in the past for me, but I’ve gotten away from it.

Melissa Murray, Writer

I’d love to learn how to make my baby sleep! Related to that, I want to focus more on what’s in front of me instead of being on my phone. Those short nap times need my complete focus for work, rather than relaxing and scrolling through Facebook. I also really want to learn more about multimodal pain management options to implement in practice. Also, I want to be a better geriatric pet advocate, since there are so many problems that can be minimized through preventive care. First though, I need to get my Rumpus writing done so I can spend more time at the clinic! 

Jane Costa, Writer

One of my professional resolutions this year is to be more timely with my assignments. I could also work on this in a personal manner! Although, my main personal goal is to get out of my house at least once a month with someone I don’t live with.

Juli Goldstein, Writer

As the clock strikes midnight every year on January 1, it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement of a new beginning.  The crackling sound of opening my new yearly planner—I am forever a paper planner person—is a familiar sound, and brings hope as I imagine it filled with possibilities for another year. However, the pressure I also feel to write down my New Year’s  goals, hopes, and dreams can feel crippling at times, and is a practice that I have elected to not complete anymore. That is not to say I don’t set regular goals for myself in the personal and professional space. As an avid ultra distance runner, each year I try to run more miles than the last—and this year is no different. In fact, I have set a goal to run more miles this January than I have ever run in one month.  But, the act of writing it down and announcing this as a “resolution” places added pressure and stress that may only set me up for disappointment. In my professional life, I plan to keep working while searching for new and interesting projects, but I give myself grace, and resolve not to pressure myself when a project or opportunity does not manifest the way I had hoped. For me, New Year’s resolutions are really life resolutions, and whether it is January 1 or July 3, I feel it is never too late to set goals and start fresh. 

Cass Sizemore, Writer

I was intentional about counting my blessings in 2021, and I’ll do the same in 2022. We were finally able to begin our micro farm late last year. We knew very little about our goats, ducks, rabbits, quail, and catfish when we got them, despite my spouse and I being in the veterinary industry for quite some time. But, we chose to jump in and figure it out as we went along. We found that we needed those quirky goat and duck diapers we heard about—yes, they make duck diapers. We still have a lot to learn this year! 

My other obsession this year will be our tiny greenhouse and betta fish aquaponics garden (herbs and microgreens). Beyond that, this year will be all about trying to lock down a few acres and move out of our neighborhood. Despite the pocketful of unmentioned heartaches we went through in 2021, we are ready for 2022 and cherish our healthy distractions. 

Emily Yocom, Administrative Assistant

My goals this year are pretty basic:

  • Drink more water everyday
  • Move more – for at least 30 mins a day
  • Set a monthly budget and stick to it
  • Believe more in myself
  • Read more books

At Rumpus, we all share one common goal—to help the veterinary industry reach their clients through excellent writing and communication. If your New Year’s resolutions include better client communications, reach out to our team! Since we likely won’t keep our resolutions past January 15, we should have plenty of time to help you out.