The veterinary profession is more than an industry. We are a community. After all, effective veterinary care relies on collaboration, connection, and a shared passion for pets and lifelong learning.

When we consider a Rumpus Writing and Editing client who embodies all these values, we think of Dani Rabwin, DVM—Founder and CEO of Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship. Get to know—and love—Dani as much as we do in this special spotlight interview. 

Question: What is your background and how did that lead you to launch Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship? 

Dr. Rabwin: I graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, and went on to have a joyful and successful career in small animal general and emergency medicine. I was always drawn to mentorship, and over the years, became the unofficial mentor to countless veterinary students and new graduates. In 2020, the clinic for which I was working hired an amazing new grad, and I became her official mentor. She mentioned that her classmates working at other practices were looking for similar support. So, in true pandemic style, we formed a Zoom group.

Facilitating a group of new grads was incredibly inspiring. I loved sharing my joy for this profession and helping new grads start off on the right foot. I realized that most of the mentorship and guidance early career vets need can be provided remotely, so I launched my remote mentorship business. 

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to new or upcoming veterinary graduates, what would it be and why?

Dr. Rabwin: Two pieces of advice are equally important: 

  1. New is not always better. Although most practices do not have all the bells and whistles you find at teaching hospitals and specialty clinics, they still provide excellent medical care. A recent grad can learn so much from experienced vets and long-time practice owners, even if they aren’t using the newest and shiniest equipment. Appreciate and take advantage of their experience and wisdom. 
  2. If you need help, always ask! Mentorship is a two-way street, and your responsibility is to make the most of the relationship. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a veterinary mentor?

Dr. Rabwin: A mentor is a cheerleader, and I love helping new veterinarians celebrate their daily wins. By nature, vets are critical of themselves. Focusing on the negatives is easy, so when I can help a new vet recognize the hundreds of small successes they achieve every day, I can’t put into words how happy that makes me. What could be better than helping them experience joy in this profession, which they worked so hard to join? 

Q: What has been the most surprising part of owning and operating your own business?

Dr. Rabwin: I honestly didn’t realize how many new mentors I would have for myself! I have connected with so many amazing people, especially women, who have helped me navigate the business world that was completely unfamiliar to me. People genuinely want to help me succeed and help my business grow. I now have my own cheerleader network!

Q: How did you first meet the Rumpus Writing and Editing team?

Dr. Rabwin: I first met the Rumpus Writing and Editing team at VetPartners, an amazing organization that serves the veterinary profession. Rumpus Owner/Chief Creative Officer Sarah Rumple is a longtime VetParners member, and Rumpus Chief Operating Officer Angela Beal, DVM, and I were both new members. We all met and bonded at our first meeting in early 2022. We clicked personally, and when I needed helping writing for my social media and website, Rumpus was the obvious choice. 

I’m a big believer in outsourcing to experts. So, I happily send my writing and editing tasks to Rumpus, just as I advise veterinary practices to come to Ready, Vet, Go for their time-consuming mentorship program tasks.

Q: Where do you see Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship going in the future?

Dr. Rabwin: The evolution of Ready, Vet, Go has been very exciting! While the company started as a mentorship program for new grads and early career veterinarians, it has expanded in so many directions. We are moving into communication coaching for vets (both new and experienced), conference speakers, vet schools, and industry about mentorship and communication, and hosting communication workshops. Additional future plans include consulting with practice groups to help them develop and grow their in-house mentorship programs, as well as a variety of other projects. Many independent and corporate practice groups have robust medical and technical training programs, but lack programs to address nonclinical skills, such as client communication and time management, which is where Ready, Vet, Go comes in! 

Dr. Dani Rabwin is an exciting and inspiring force in the veterinary community—and a reminder that we can all find ways to connect and care for our colleagues and ensure a thriving future for the field we love. 

The Rumpus Writing and Editing team is proud to provide copywriting services for all Ready, Vet, Go’s social media and marketing needs. If you need help growing your veterinary business through the power of the written word, contact our expert veterinary writing team.